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Are your wooden floors in need of a transformation? Look no further! Our team of expert floor sanders in London and Hertfordshire is here to bring back the beauty of your wood floors.

Impeccable Floor Sanding Services by Experienced Floor Sanders

Wooden floors endure a great deal of traffic, resulting in stains, scratches, and scrapes that can leave them looking worn and damaged. But fret not! Our experienced floor sanders specialize in restoring all types of wooden floors, from parquet flooring to pine and oak floorboards. Whether your floors are 5 years old or 55 years old, our dedicated team will ensure outstanding results that exceed your expectations.

Impeccable Care for Your Floors During Sanding


At Maxymus Floor Sanding, our team takes great care when sanding your wooden floors. During the process, your furniture will be moved to other rooms to ensure a dust-free environment (our floor sanding is 98% dust-free). While there may be some noise during the sanding process, our experienced professionals prioritize minimizing disruption, especially if you have children, older individuals, or nervous pets at home.


Revitalize Your Floors with Refinishing by Skilled Floor Sanders

Our services go beyond floor sanding. After removing the old varnish or oil, our skilled team meticulously smooths the wooden surface, preparing it for refinishing. This is your chance to choose a new style and finish that suits your taste and preferences. Opt for a different coloured varnish or perhaps an oil for a unique touch. Our team of skilled professionals is experienced in applying hard-wearing water-based Pallmann varnishes or VOC-free oils to ensure durability and environmental friendliness.


Enjoy Beautiful Floors Once Again with the Help of Experts

Once the floor refinishing process is complete, your floors will need time to dry and settle. For varnished floors, our experts recommend waiting 24 hours before placing furniture or walking on them to avoid damaging the new varnish. In the case of waxed floors, a waiting period of 6 hours is sufficient, but we suggest waiting 12 hours before moving furniture back in place.

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Ready to revitalize your wood floors? Maxymus Floor Sanding is your go-to partner in London and Hertfordshire. Contact our team of experts at 0208 166 5136 to ask any questions, request a quote, or book our top-notch floor sanding and polishing services.

Rediscover the True Beauty of Your Floors

Trust the expertise of our skilled team to transform your wood floors. Contact us today for a floor transformation like no other!


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