Floor Staining

Hardwood flooring can look  stunning in your home. It is hard wearing, easy to keep clean and is long lasting. You are guaranteed to love it, but in time, you may like the idea of changing the colour. This will totally update your room, giving it a really different look, without the whole flooring needing to be changed.

Floor Staining & Staining Hardwood Floors North London

Adding colour to your floor is a highly effective way to bring additional character to your space. Whether you opt for a subtle shade or a dramatic statement, it will look wonderful, stylish and add a totally different feel to your home or office space.

Staining Hardwood Floors

When choosing to stain your flooring, it will always need to be fully prepared first. If your hardwood flooring is new, then it needs to be treated first and then sealed once the stain has been added. The finish, when staining hardwood floors can be patchy or uneven if the preparation is not handled properly in the first place. A light sanding is required on new flooring to ensure a smooth finish to accept the stain. Then it will be your choice as to whether there is a varnish applied to achieve a hardwearing and longlasting finish to your flooring.

You need to think carefully about the colour for your floor staining. Many choices can be fairly dark and so you need to ensure you have plenty of light within your rooms to accommodate this. Perhaps there is a specific colour of stain that you would like and we can discuss this with you when we meet to assess your hardwood. flooring. Or it may be, that you decide to have it varnished again, so the colour is kept light and airy.

Restaining Hardwood Floors

Floor sanding is needed, when restaining hardwood floors, in order to have a smooth, clean and dry floor. Any old flooring must be fully prepared to add the floor staining and ensure a completely satisfactory  finish. This is an excellent way of changing the look of your room and ensuring you have many more years of wear to your beautiful hardwood floor.

At Maxymus Floorcare, we deliver your vision with skill and precision, using first-rate products, to make your wooden floor a prominent and distinctive feature of your room.

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