Floor Staining Experts in Richmond

This is just another great case study for Maxymus Floorcare. As we are floor staining experts our name goes far and wide, and this time it was to a client in Richmond.

They asked if we could quote on floor staining 27sqm of wooden flooring. They wanted to change the look by going from a natural colour to dark brown, giving a further warmth to their walkway.

They already had some quotes, but these were really expensive. We provide an exceptional service but at competitive prices. Before we started the job, we colour tested the floor so our client could see what the final effect would be, which they loved.

Another really happy customer. Many people do not realise that, with a little work, you can change the colour of your wooden flooring to suit the style of your home. We are floor staining experts in Richmond, North London and throughout Hertfordshire. we receive some wonderful feedback from our customers and our name is being spoken of further afield now.

If you are looking to change the colour of your wooden floors and would like to talk to us, then please call now on 0208 1665136.

We look forward to talking to you…