The TRIO Sander: Our Essential Piece of Kit.

Excellent craftsmanship depends to some extent on the quality of the equipment used. With this in mind, we actively seek to source and select the best tools in the market. When it comes to producing the perfect finish, The TRIO Sanding Machine is our weapon of choice for the following reasons:

  • It can be used on all types of hardwood floors
  • It’s a dust-free solution
  • It’s an all in one sanding, buffing and vacuum system – genius

How the Process Works


The TRIO Sanding Machine operates with three rotating discs the base of the unit. Sanding or buffing pads are attached to these discs to enable a smoother and even result than would be achieved with just one disc. The result is remarkably smooth and flat and professional look, forming the perfect canvas for your colour stain of choice.

The Benefits


This machine is a marvel as it works on all types of hardwood flooring. Several machines on the market can leave circular sanding patterns on your floor, especially near the walls where the machine is unable to reach, resulting in an unintentional (and unwelcome) aspect of your floor design. The TRIO is able to get to within a quarter of an inch of your walls, eradicating the problem of unwanted swirls.

There is also a reason why the TRIO looks suspiciously like a vacuum cleaner. The dust-free feature of this machine makes it a winner – transforming the task of finishing hardwood floors into a process of ease, and our absolute pleasure!