Water Popping your Hardwood Floor

Water Popping is a key technique that we use for refinishing hardwood floors. While the term may sound rather dramatic, we assure you that the benefits are abundantly clear, resulting in richer stain colouring to bring out the best in your hardwood floor.

How does it work?


The ultimate aim in refinishing a hardwood floor is to give it as smooth a finish as possible. We begin the sanding process with a coarse sand paper and eventually progress to sand papers with finer grades to produce a smooth floor. This process results in closing the grain of the wood, making it less penetrable.

Water Popping re-opens the grain of the wood, enabling the stain colouring to absorb deeper into the wood for a richer finish.

How is it done?


Water Popping can be carried out in a number of ways. Some opt for the T-bar method, where the water is poured and spread across the floor. Others choose to mist the floor with a sprayer. We use the good old fashioned method of applying the water to the floor with a cloth, to ensure careful and even coverage.

It essential that the water is applied evenly, otherwise the floor will appear blotchy where the water has been applied in larger or smaller concentrations, and will require re-sanding to correct it.

What are the benefits?


Water Popping enables the luxuriant finish which makes hardwood floors such an amazing feature in any space. It does so by making the stain colouring darker and richer, removing unsightly sanding marks and ensuring that the stain colouring is applied evenly.