Different Styles of Wood Flooring

Wooden flooring is extremely popular. Due to allergies, cleanliness and most of all the utterly gorgeous style of having wooden flooring in your home, many people are converting to wooden floors, either throughout their home or perhaps just in certain key areas. Hard traffic areas are a great choice, but the lounge dining room, study or even upstairs bedrooms can all benefit from stylish wooden flooring. And always, one of the largest deliberations is the different styles of wood flooring you can have.

After4The classic are the floorboards, plank flooring – the easiest and quickest to install and many people like this look. With the clean lines and different finishes, this is still a really popular choice. There is also very little wasted wood and can be more efficient on price as there is less labour involved.You can choose different thicknesses and widths of wood, depending on the look you want to go for.

Parquet flooring is also popular, and consists of small squares of rectangular wood in geometrical patterns. Lovely as a design, especially in a plain room where our customers have originally had highly patterned carpets. This adds a little more pattern to the finished wood and is easy to replace in portions if your room is changed and you have walls knocked down or built up.

Herringbone wood flooring is, however, also a really great style at the moment. Synonymous with village halls and large venues, Herringbone flooring creates a stylish look and as with all other wooden floors, is extremely hard wearing. More tricky to fit as there are many more cuts to make. However the finished look is exceptional.

Finishes for your wooden floor

varnished-herringbone-2And you can then choose whatever finish you like; whether it is a natural clear colour, light and airy. A mid range oak that is the original and most classic colour, which enhances the wood and shows the lines in the wood. Or perhaps a dark wood stain, depending on your style of property.

Then you also need to choose whether you want matt, satin, or high gloss finish. Many different choices.

So really you have two main choices, when you are looking at different styles of wooden flooring: how you want the wood cut and what colour & finish you would like. And then just leave the rest to us!

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