Hints and Tips on wooden floor care

Greetings wood floor lovers. Here are a few of our thoughts, through years of experience in the trade. Maybe they’ll help you in your wood floor conundrums.

For those of you who’ve settled on your favoured flooring (let’s be fair, it’s not a quick or simply choice), the last thing you want is damage, especially so soon after the installation. To avoid stains, scratches and other unseemly marks, you will need to be really rather diligent. But not everyone can monitor their flooring twenty-four Seven. To that end, here are a few hints and tips on caring for your wooden flooring and what to do when those unsightly stains raise their ugly heads.

It’s best to blot those stains quick-smart. Use a clean cloth, be sure it’s white, then you can see the stain coming off. The longer that stain remains, the more likely you’ll have to hire a professional to get rid of it.

If the mark is similar to those you get from hot coffee/tea mugs or a wet glass, reach for the toothpaste and baking soda. White toothpaste, mixed with equal parts baking soda and rub into the stain gently with a sponge or cloth. Circular motion (think Daniel-San from The Karate Kid), ‘Wax on’ until it’s ‘waxed off’.

Wipe with a damp cloth and buff with a dry cloth.

If you’re seeing those pesky dark spots, dab with a vinegar soaked cloth. Or, you can always go the old Hydrogen Peroxide route and brush the stain with a toothbrush once a day for a full week. Dealers choice there.

There’s also that dog drool. If you’re the proud parents to a pack of slobbering puppies, you will get doggie drool all over the place. Window cleaner, that’s our tip. Spray and wipe clean.

Of course, as mentioned above, sometimes you simply don’t see those stains and marks until it’s too late and not matter how hard you scrub, or gently you rub, they steadfastly refuse to leave. That’s when the professionals come in.

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