Pine Flooring – The Maxymus Reveal

6From time to time a client will contact Maxymus Floor Care and ask for their floors to be sanded, OK, it happens a lot, but it’s rare that said client ever has a real idea about not only what goes on in the process of sanding a wooded floor, but also, what the end result will actually be

Houses these days are getting smaller and smaller, and more and more expensive, so the temptation to simply lay down a carpet and forget about the wooden flooring beneath is ever present. So, it is with great joy when we get the opportunity to sand a small pine floored room to perfection.

The main difference between a carpeted room and a sanded one (even with a little rug to tie the room together, is the illusion of space. For landlords and people looking to sell their homes, that illusion is very important. For those of you simply looking to reside in that residence and enjoy your time there, the need for a professionally and perfectly finished room is paramount.

Look in any number of magazines these days and you’ll either find a stone floor or a wooden one and while we love rugs and carpets alike, that stone or wooden finishing is the difference between a house and a classy home.

This particular job allowed Marcin and his team to reclaim damaged and forgotten flooring from whence they were and bring them solidly into the 21st Century. To do that, Marcin had to sand the wooden floor boards back to their base.

Maxymus Floor Care understands that sanded dust can be a tricky beast. It gets everywhere, but for Maxymus Floor Care, it’s our mission to minimize or even fully remove any and all dust from the sanding procedure. Our machines can promise 98% dust free service and we’ll try for the other 2%.

Once sanded and vacuumed, the floors need repairing. We say, repairing, what we mean is, filling in the gaps. Rot and general wear and tear over the years reduce wooden flooring to a remnant of its former self, so, we reclaim slivers of the relevant wood (in this case, Pine) and match them to the existing floor. Once sanded to match, we then apply the finishing coat.

Our client decided that a clear finish would suit the room best and given the size and light available, we agreed. To reach the level of finish we all wanted, Maxymus used a product by Pallmann, called Pall X96.

You need only look at the before and after photographs to see the difference from when the carpet was newly removed to the end result after the Pall X96 was applied.



If you’re in the market for reclaiming a dated and under-appreciated wooden floor, you can do no better than to call Maxymus Floor Care. We pride ourselves in delivering the best possible product and leaving our clients happy. Call or email for your Maxymus Reveal.

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