Protect your Wood Floors from Doggy Damage

We know you love your dog – but you also love the pristine condition of your wooden flooring. In order for both to live in harmony, we have put together the following measures to protect your floor from dog-related mishaps.

Things you can do for your dog


Nail-care for dogs


Scratches and scrapes criss-crossing your wooden floor is never a good look and is the top maintenance concern for dog owners. Minimise the possibility of scratches by regularly clipping the tips of your dog’s nails, which will certainly prolong the life and quality of your flooring. Also consider dog nail caps, which are widely available and can be fitted by you, or your vet.

Limit indoor dog activity


Strategically place mats in entrances or dog doors to reduce the amount of outside dirt tracked in by your four legged friend. Leave all of the energetic dog-playing activities for outside. It may also be useful to designate certain areas of your home as dog-free, by training your dog to stay out of particular rooms, using baby gates and other measures as necessary.

Things you can do for your floor


Clean your floor regularly


Little paws and big paws alike trail in dirt and grit from outside which can build up and cause damage to your flooring. Regular sweeping and cleaning is an effective preventative measure. Also ensure that you clean up any ‘little accidents’ your dog may deposit immediately. Moisture is the sworn enemy for wooden floors and so should be dealt with as a matter of priority. On the same token, it is wise to place water bowls on a waterproof mat.

Maintain your floor regularly


Ensuring that your floors remain in the best possible condition through regular maintenance is a highly recommended strategy. Keep your floors in great shape by treating them to a buff and re-coat as a solid preventative measure.

Apply durable finish and stain colours


Unfinished floors are more likely to sustain more damage from scratches and stains. Water-based coatings will provide protection by creating a barrier between canine messes and your wooden floor. In terms of colour choices, it is advisable to opt for lighter shades, as darker shades are likely to reveal scratches more easily. We have a range of finish and colour options and are happy to provide you with our know-how and guidance.