Respect your wooden floor

When setting out to sand an undervalued and long ignored floor, there’s something to bear-in-mind.


Respect the floor. Age is an ever growing issue and when a floor has been laid for a substantial period of time, dilapidation is a real concern.

So, when Maxymus Floor Care Ltd set to work, they take great pains to ensure said floor is redeemable.

Repair, rejuvenation, restoration and replacement. These are the key areas in wood floor sanding and while we want to get the job done quickly for our clients, what we never want is a slap-dash finish. That is why some floors take longer than other to finish.

Of course, types of wooden flooring can have a bearing also, but if your wood sander is a professional, he or she will be very well trained and have a keen eye for potential pit-falls and time-sucks.

Not so very long ago, Maxymus Floor Care Ltd was hired to repair and replace parquet flooring in a home.


We took our time, we inspected the condition of the floor before hand and we laid a beautiful surface.


Other floors provided us with even greater challenges, but thanks to years of experience and dedication, Maxymus Floor Care Ltd replaced, sanded and varnished to a superior level.



As the end of 2015 nears, Maxymus Floor Care Ltd just wanted to thank all our clients and friends. This year has been a wonderful one. It’s seen the business grow and our experience widen ever further. So remember, we’re here and ready to assist you in all your wood flooring needs. Simply call of email and we’ll be there to help.


Happy Christmas and a very Merry New Year.



Telephone: 0208 166 5136


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