Sanding John Lewis' wooden floors

This was a particularly nice job to work on. You may not recognise the shop from the floor, but it’s a John Lewis, the one in Swindon.

John Lewis have a reputation for providing the best items for sale and as such, they pride themselves in their appearance. That’s where Maxymus comes in.

As you can see in the before images, the area was in need of a touch-up. The wooden floors had been left a long time and required professionally servicing. I received a call from a contractor friend of mine and headed on over.

John Lewis before

John Lewis 1

Now, the logistics of floor sanding are fairly clear; take one sander, sand, polish, job done. But it’s never that simple and it certainly is never that easy.
Each and every floor has its own nuance. It varies, from gradation, to grain, from colour to cracks and every time you step into a room to quote it’s a whole new experience.

This particular wooden floor required some finessing.

So, in typical Super-Hero style, I surveyed the scene, rushed into my van, did a quick turn and transformation and re-emerged…MAXYMUS!

NOTE: Once I have time to pose, I shall upload a photo of myself in fully MAXYMUS regalia. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

Brandishing my Trio Floor Sander, that’s right, I use a TRIO!
For those of you outside the know, a Trio Floor Sander is, as the site states “…the ultimate floor finishing sander” and given that I am affiliated with The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company, it seems apt.
So, a trio was ideal for this job, it allows you to get to the crux of the problem with considerably less elbow-grease than previous sanders might and as a result, you finish sanding those wooden floors that much quicker.


After that, it’s time to take to the Edger or the Orbital sander, dealers choice.

I primed the entire floor with a big bottle of Pallmann X325 and then sealed the wooden floor with Pallmann X96, a hard-wearing, satin varnish.


And here we have it, the finished results. I think you’ll agree it looks top-notch and ready for the Christmas rush.

If you have any queries about what we do, how we do it or even why we do it, feel free to get in touch.
Also, if you need your wooden floors sanding, rejuvenation, renovation, re-installing….just call and MAXYMUS will be there in a flash!

John Lewis 2

John Lewis after