Wooden Floor Repair and Restoration

From time-to-time, the mighty Maxymus will receive a phone call or an email, asking him to save the day. Tearing his tailored suit from his rugged chest, Maxymus reveals the logo that all wooden floors should fear and respect in equal measure.



Now, bounding across the ancient city of London, Maxymus and his side-kicks will arrive at the floor-in-need, only to be confronted with this.


Here’s where our rather lacklustre Super-Hero analogy ends. Renovation, installation, general repair; they’re not something that all wood floor companies practice and there’s a good reason for it. It’s time consuming, back breaking, sweat inducing work…there’s also splinters to contend with.

But, once the surprise has worn away and you survey the situation in it’s entirety, you come to realize…this is an opportunity; a chance to reclaim something shabby and unloved and bring it into the 21st Century, a traditional piece of flooring, repaired and rejuvenated.

Low and behold.


I know, “It’s not the same floor” you scream. Well, you’d be dead wrong. Just look at this transformation. Once a forgotten hole in the ground, now a reclaimed for generations to use and abuse.

Just remember, no matter how talented the floorer, no matter how loving and caring he or she is, if you don’t care for your floor, if you don’t dust and clean, after only a couple of years, it will need help.

But don’t worry, because that’s where Maxymus and his team come in. Wooden floor repair is where we excel.

Call our office for an appraisal and ask about how you can help your wooden floor remain as pristine as this beautiful piece.


Maxymus Floor Care is a proud part of The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company.

Don’t just settle for the rest, call the best.