Wooden Flooring for the Christmas Holidays

It seems that in the lead-up to the Christmas holidays, a large number of people get the urge to have their dated wooden flooring brought up-to snuff. Clearly, that’s where Maxymus Floor Care comes in. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been rushed off our feet sanding, buffing and varnishing. Pine, Oak, Parquet, you name it, it’s been shown the Maxymus Effect. This week we had the please of applying our skills to this sad looking entrance hall.


A little neglected, yes, but irredeemable, I should say not! After the all important inspection; for underlying issues (mold, damp, what-have-you), we set to work. Sanding took some time, but after a little elbow grease and a dollop of Pall X98 GOLD A, that wooden flooring came-up good as new.



It never ceases to amaze; even after all these years in the business, the results that can be garnered from attention to detail, knowledge and hard work.


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